Important information for our patients regarding our measures to protect you from COVID-19

Dear Dental Patient:

Your health is our primary concern in this current global situation for COVID-19. It is important to take all measures and follow all protocols to ensure your dental experience safe and comfortable. These include social distancing, temperature check points, private transportation and intense sterilization in all our areas.

In PROCLINIC we continue to work hard to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and quality. We look forward in making you smile.

Sterilization Protocol

Instrumental Cleaning

Ultrasonic Sterilization


We rigorously scrub all surgical and non-surgical dental instruments ,
Guarantees the total disinfection of medical instruments by micro-vibrations combined with sterilizing liquid killing virus and bacterias.
With High pressures of more than 270 degrees we strengthen the sterilization process for all dental instruments,

Protocol for Patients to Prevent COVID-19

Mouth Mask Required

Hand Sanitizer

Disinfectant Shoe Mat

Temperature CheckPoints

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